wtorek, 7 sierpnia 2012

[eng] 00-Entrance

I left this plane welcoming this wonderful state and hundreds of its residents with a wide smile. From now on, i begin a new life. From now on , I'm making the dreams come true. Everything here was different , tidiness reigned everywhere, you couldn't find any cigarette ends or chewing gums on the pavements, even the sun seemed different, more beautiful.After collecting my luggage, i walked outside the airport to meet my friends, with whom i was gonna live. All four of us got a proposition to work in the Korean release of Vouge. Our school , which we've only just finishes few days ago got us into this. They welcomed me like they haven't seen me for at least 2 months. Ashley, happy , enthusiastic blond , was directly jumping from joy. Its nice to know that someone is happy because you're with them. I welcomed them all and we went home. Jack was sitting behind the driver, handsome, muscular brunet with a character like 'prince charming' , for my own luck he was bisexual. In the car, I've heard something amazing , we were going to live in the neighborhood with Super Junior! When Liz told me about this, i nearly made her go death from my happiness. Liz was very nice but sometimes awkward girl with red hair. Our suite was amazing, twelfth floor , in the center of Seul. We had four rooms with kitchen and bathroom. The whole place was in peaceful white and brown colours with silver accessories. Made in a modern way. I had a room with Jack. There was table in the middle of the room, it was probably meant to be used as a work place, it has few brown and silver candles placed on it. We had two double beds in opposite corners of the room, but apart from that it was standard, two wardrobes, couch , seats etc. Knowing that thirteen, most talented and most handsome Koreans live opposite our suite made me shiver. i wondered what will i do if i met one of them. I was scared , that I'm going to discourage them. I want to have a good contact with my neighbors thats why i decided to pretend that i have no idea who they are. Ideal plan? We'll see.

~Writed by Kuroi
~Translated by Martina Krol 

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